Maybe some people consider that the global warming is not real, but one thing that is for sure REAL is that the natural resources (such as forests, fresh waters, oceans, animals and fish) are all depleting very rapidly due to excessive consumption, exploitation and/or plain destruction.

On the other hand it's a proven thing that people tend to engage "en-masse" in certain economic activities purely because they can make money of it. (EVEN IF they don't like performing the activity!)

Now my question is: instead of exploiting them, what possible ways are there to make money by PROTECTING / PRESERVING the natural environments and habitats?

Let's put our imagination at work and find them!

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This is a good example of cost savings by designing more energy-efficient systems:

But I would like to find ideas which would indeed bring enough money to encourage people to actively take full-time jobs for protecting the natural resources and environments.

(Currently only a handful of people work within fields related to ecology and finding solutions for preserving the natural environment and resources, but if this would be very well-paid then a lot more people would work towards these goals)