We are the basic characteristics of an election system? What are the usual trade-offs in such systems? What are the tools, algorithms that solve such problems?

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http://pj.freefaculty.org/Ukraine/PJ3_VotingSystemsEssay.pdf I can not say that a certain election system is the best we have so far ,because each country adopts a system that is suitable for the people that leave there.A voting system might be concidered perfect in one particular country but if is being implemented somewhere else myght not be. There i s a lot to talk about when it comes to a voting system,it is a vaste subject that involves many aspects(the ballot,candidates,weight of votes,status quo.constituencies) and many methods of voting(single winner,multiple winner,proxy voting). Since voting involves counting, it is algorithmic in nature, and, since it involves polling the sentiments of a person, this represents affective data. Depending on the meaning chosen, the common "majority rule" systems can produce results that the majority does not support. If every election had only two choices, the winner would be determined using majority rule alone. However, when there are three or more options, there may not be a single option that is most liked or most disliked by a majority. A simple choice does not allow voters to express the ordering or the intensity of their feeling. Different voting systems may give very different results, particularly in cases where there is no clear majority preference.

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One of the best system, implemented by google and described here: Verify elections with cryptography http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDnShu5V99s with the slides here http://saweis.net/pdfs/adida191207.pdf and several more regarding voting here http://saweis.net/crypto.html

Is a system that is in the same time:

  1. Alice verifies her vote.
  2. Everyone verifies tallying.
  3. Alice cannot be coerced by Eve.